The ECS Co-Design Process

The ECS Co-Design Process

Welcome to the ECS Co-Design Process. As an integral part of the community, you have a unique opportunity to influence the future of our platform. Through this process, we seek to incorporate your ideas, needs, and visions to build a platform that truly empowers and supports citizen science initiatives across Europe.

Engaging in the ECS Co-Design Process offers you several advantages:

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Play a direct role in shaping the features and services of the platform, ensuring that they cater to the genuine needs of the community.

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Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, receive feedback and foster potential collaborations within the citizen science community.

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Skill Development

Enhance your understanding of platform design and development processes, gaining insights that can benefit your own projects and initiatives.

Your involvement is pivotal in two key stages of the design process, you can choose one or both of them!

To streamline the participation process, we have prepared two forms:

  • Participate in the ECS Co-Design Process: If you find it exciting to participate in this co-design process, don't hesitate and let us know as soon as possible! Access the form here.
  • Asynchronous Participation Form: If time is a constraint, use this form to provide input at your own pace. Access the form here.

Your dedication to the field of citizen science and your willingness to contribute to the platform is what drives us to make it the best it can be. Together, with your insights and collaboration, we will continue to develop a hub that truly represents and serves the European citizen science community.

Thank you for your interest

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