There is a significant opportunity to better engage citizens in climate change adaptation initiatives, according to initial results of a survey by the EU-funded IMPETUS project. Around 400 people in 7 European countries shared knowledge, concerns and ideas about climate change and its impacts in regional surveys that kicked-off the project’s activities to engage with citizens and other stakeholders. With a PhD research position supporting this work, lessons being learned from other projects and around 600 identified stakeholders to work with, stakeholder engagement will be a significant feature of IMPETUS. Partners are already planning workshops and other ways to involve members of the public, researchers, businesses, environmental groups, industry, media, civil society groups and others in co-creating climate change solutions, ensuring that regional economic, social, policy and cultural factors are taken into consideration.

Initial survey results:

  • 82% of respondents (expert stakeholders and non-expert citizens) said that climate change is important to them personally or for their work.
  • 45% were not aware of climate change adaptation initiatives already taking place in their area (compared to 55% who said initiatives were known to them), implying there is a significant opportunity for IMPETUS and other climate change initiatives to fill this knowledge and engagement gap.

Full story on the IMPETUS website.