Tartu (Estonia) will be European capital of culture in 2024. As a part of the program, University of Tartu Natural History Museum is organising in the same year international bioblitz. In order to keep the data comparable (with similar climatic and biological conditions), regional scope would be helpful - we have thought of Baltic Sea countries bioblitz. To be in line with cultural aspirations of the festival, collected data will be used for visualisation with artistic interpretations. And not just visualisation, data sonification could also be approach to be used. 
We are looking for partners in countries bordering the Baltic Sea to participate in bioblitz and also to cooperate in data visualisation and interpretation challenges. It can also mean applying for funding together in a new project.

University of Tartu Natural History Museum has already organized several national bioblitzes during Estonian Nature Festival using national biodiversity observation platforms. For international cooperation a cross-platform approach could be more useful.

If you feel interested in cooperation, please let me know!

Veljo Runnel
University of Tartu Natural History Museum