Within Working Group 3 (Data Management and Standards) of the COST Action 17122 “Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science” (Alien CSI, https://alien-csi.eu), we aim to develop metadata guidelines for publishing citizen scientist datasets on alien species. However, these guidelines should be tailored to the needs of any citizen scientist and researcher. With this blogpost, we are looking for collaboration with citizen science researchers, project coordinators or citizen science system owners, although everyone is welcome to join us. More specifically, we are looking for contributions to (1) formulate metadata guidelines for publishing citizen science datasets, (2) generate an informative leaflet to be distributed amongst citizen scientists and (3) translate these recommendations to a multitude of languages. Discussions will be organized on a monthly basis via conference call. Knowledge exchange and acquisition can also be facilitated through a Short Time Scientific Mission (STSM). Anyone willing to contribute to this specific work or to engage in an STSM is highly welcome to join our working group. We recently posted a blogpost on this EU-Citizen science platform, please have a look here: https://eu-citizen.science/blog/2020/10/19/join-us-now-best-practices-citizen-science-data/
Please do contact me (lien.reyserhove@inbo.be) for further information.