Once you have signed up and are logged in , look for the +ADD button in the top-right had corner of the website. There you can select the profile form that you wish to complete, for submission to the platform. We recommend that you first create a profile for your organisation, so that it can be linked to your projects and resources.

In these form you will be asked to provide descriptive information in a number of mandatory and optional data fields. This information will be used for creating the public profile of the project or resource on our platform. Please note that resources are not uploaded to the platform, rather they are linked to from within the profile that you create.

Please note that you will be required to describe the citizen science aspects of your project, and the way in which your resource relates to the practice of citizen science. When saved, the profile will be submitted to a member of the EU-Citizen.Science team for moderation. Once that process is complete, the profile will be marked as ‘Moderated’, and will be fully available on the platform.