I thought I'd start this topic for anyone who is still buzzing with thoughts and ideas after any of the conference sessions!

My favourite session was Citizen Science in Conflict Zones. It was of course an important and serious session with sadness and worries about danger and injustice. But it was also amazing - the amount people are doing. And citizen science has a special importance in conflict zones, because conflict is destructive to both people and the environment, so we need to monitor these carefully. There are no really effective international treaties about protecting the environment in a conflict zone (which is understandable because people would feel there are more urgent things to do; but, nonetheless, it causes long term problems.)

So I was really pleased to learn about the Conflict and Environment Observatory and about this paper by Mazin B. Qumsiyeh about how to integrate citizen science, education and environmental protection in an occupied place.

For me personally the conference was useful to find more people interested in joining the Citizen Science Translation Hub, a small project I run and which I'll start another thread about elsewhere. Incidentally, all the people who contacted me about it are Portuguese speakers, either in Portugal or Brazil!

What did you like best, or learn that was new, or want to find out more about? Maybe we can help each other.