Perhaps. There are probably still remnant populations of purported fox-like carnivore, recorded from mountains of Central China (based on a photographic report from, 2004?). Some great discovery could further describe the cryptic and pack-living carnivore called Lycaon fistres, which could be a relic large species of wild dog autochthonous to Angola (Mensário administrativo, 1955). Other interesting unknown canids are following, djowo (Bulletin agricole du Congo 1917), which is a dog-like carnivore recorded from Katanga and striped species of wild dog native to northern Vietnam and Laos (Le Courrier du Vietnam, 1984). We recorded a few yet undescribed carnivores unknown to science. Some of them are found in reports of zoologists based on expeditions to Congo and northern Vietnam. We should carry out projects on the canid community in the wilds of Biano Plateau (Congo) and to Indochina, a region of northern Vietnam. Some of the unknown canids could be discovered there and some ecological project could be potentially undertaken. Another project on carnivores assemblage could be conducted in Szechuan's mountains for revealing the nature of yet undescribed canid species and dholes (Cuon alpinus), as well. This is a unique article submitted by polish biologist and popular author - Tomasz Pietrzak. I could be actively involved in the foundation of the new european-based initiative dedicated to little known carnivores in the old world. Please contact me via echl.league.scientific at Posted agreed with Creative Commons Licence. abstract in norge:Denne korte tekst  inn på norsk handler om populasjonene av ukjente rovdyr rapportert fra både Afrca (Lycaon fistres, djowo) og Asia (szechuan rev, stripet vietnamesisk villhund). Flere studier er nødvendig for å avsløre hemmelighetene til disse skapningene. Jeg vil være interessert i å være involvert i innovativ europeisk-basert forskning på temaet. Skrevet av @gnhi.