Association of Hungarian Women in Science (NaTE)

NaTE is the leading NGO in Hungary representing the issue of gender equality in science and research, synchronizing its endeavors with the related activities of Hungarian governmental organizations. Established in 2008, it has a national network consisting of scientists, research managers and young girls as ambassadors The Association strives to build a world which integrates and appreciates equally the knowledge of women and men in the processes of social and technological innovation. To this end, it participates actively in the national and international processes of social innovation which contribute to bringing science and innovation closer to the whole society; making possible that young people choose education and career most suitable for their talent; making equal opportunities an unavoidable measure of value in research and innovation; building a multicultural, balanced research society. The Association has a multi-stakeholder network at national level, comprising of industrial, academic and governmental organizations, as well as NGOs. It also has wide international relations: it is member organization of the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) and the local National Contact Point of the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT).


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