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The Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG) at the University of Oulu (UOULU) is a fusion of expertise from the fields of computer science and biology. In BISG, our bread and butter is intelligent systems, and our research areas include data mining, machine learning, robotics, and information security. More precise research topics vary from data mining algorithm development and optimization of industrial manufacturing processes all the way to environmental monitoring with mobile robots. The Oulu University Secure CSI-COP 71 Programming Group (OUSPG) is active at the University of Oulu since 1996. The purpose of the OUSPG is to study, evaluate and develop methods of implementing and testing application and system software in order to prevent, discover and eliminate implementation level security vulnerabilities in a proactive fashion. The research focus is on implementation level security issues and software security testing: black-box testing for software vulnerabilities; vulnerability tracking of disclosures; study of the vulnerability classifications and taxonomies; study of the life-cycle of the software vulnerabilities, and dependency analysis in complex systems. In addition to the group’s long-term research strands, it also aims to provide concrete new openings for the purpose of reacting to fundamentals and novelties to integrate better ICT and biotechnology/biomedicine. The rapid development of ICT and Bio has opened up new unexpected ways to achieve better and concrete synergies and integration of these research fields. BISG has conducted research in national and international research projects funded by the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes, also as international collaboration with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science JSPS and the USA National Science Foundation NSF, and the European Union. The group has participated many robotic EU framework projects and has been granted funded research from Tekes and Academy of Finland for more than ten millions euros. Robotics research activity at BISG includes collaboration with e.g. processing industry. The group’s research activity has spun off more than ten several enterprises, e.g. Codenomicon, Clarified Networks, Atomia, Probot, Indoor Atlas.


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