University of Primorska

The University of Primorska is successfully implementing its two core activities: research and education. In all of its functioning it is closely collaborating with the creators and users of knowledge locally and globally. The knowledge for the environment that the university is directly offering to companies, public institutes and other organisations is a quality upgrade of basic research and a precondition to effective use of intellectual potential of society and spacer in which it operates. The University of Primorska was able to adapt and actively engage with the environment, which is becoming increasingly open for experimentation and innovation. With its activities it is constantly searching for new cooperation possibilities and functioning in entrepreneurial processes. Recent success can partially be attributed to increased collaboration between and within faculties which followed a rejuvenating transformation of the university in 2016. New PhD projects, specifically designed to combine disciplines, were started to enhance collaboration between faculties, spur innovation, and develop novel insights. This interdisciplinary work is bolstered by national and international research projects that combine disciplines and bring research organisations, industry, associations, and other stakeholders together in pursuit of new knowledge. Since 2011, UP has seen its role in international projects increase with more submitted, awarded, and led by the university. UP holds 10-15 international conferences and workshops each year, bringing together diverse regional, national, and international partners.


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