ARPA Sicilia

The Regional Environmental Protection Agency is established by art. 90 of Regional Law 6/2001 (amended and supplemented by Article 94 of Regional Law No. 4/2003 and by Article 35 of Regional Law No. 9/2004). It is a public body with technical, managerial and administrative autonomy, placed under the supervision of the Regional Department for the Territory and the Environment of the Sicilian Region, which defines the strategic development. It has several offices and laboratories in the region. It carries out activities related to the public functions for the protection of the environment and human health according to Law 132/2016. ARPA Sicilia operates for the control and protection of the environment, sponsors and conduct research, enforces environmental regulations, promotes environmental education and sustainability actions. Together with the other Regional Agencies and ISPRA, it constitutes the National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA).


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