University of Deusto

With a long- and well-established tradition, founded in 1886 as a higher education institution, the University of Deusto has a mission and educational goal firmly grounded in academic excellence and social responsibility, aiming at generating economic sustainable growth and making positive contributions towards the construction of fairer and more inclusive and human societies. Recognized as an International Excellence Campus, the university is a hub of 39 research teams working at the university’s six faculties (Psychology and Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, Law, Economic and Business Sciences, and Theology). With more than 30 years of solid internationalization and a wide consolidated network of partnerships with top international research teams, University of Deusto is aware of the importance of research and the role it plays in economic, social and political development. As such, University of Deusto is present in many significant international networks (i.e., UNESCO, AUSJAL, Humanitarian Net, o IMISCOE, International Association of Higher Education Institutions, European Association of Research and Technological Organizations) and has signed more than 400 cooperation agreements with international universities and research centres.

Research at the University of Deusto has seen a significant growth during the last decades, following a path towards excellence through the increased participation in international projects and networks. At present, the University of Deusto participates in 42 on-going international research collaborative projects funded by the European Commission, among others 25 H2020 projects including 1 ERC Advanced Grant, and 17 projects from other programmes; University of Deusto coordinates 10 H2020. Supported by a solid body of professionals and researchers with a strong background and expertise, who make up 24 teams of excellence around 9 interdisciplinary areas. Overall, the University of Deusto provides a flexible research ecosystem that nurtures international and inter-sectoral collaboration, and enables researchers to cross-fertilise ideas and address local and global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Finally, the University of Deusto's research is articulated around 5 interdisciplinary platforms on Social Justice and Inclusion, Ageing and Wellbeing, Creative Industries and Cities (B-Creative), Gender, Strengthening Participation, plus 4 interdisciplinary areas on Energy, Health, Territory, and Industry 4.0. University of Deusto is involved in strong and long-term collaborations with significant international partners. 


March 23, 2022, 4:19 p.m.


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