Regno di Nettuno MPA

“Regno di Nettuno” Marine Proteced Area (MPA), established D.M. 27/12/2007, pursues environmental protection safeguard and promotion of the sea surrounding Ischia, Procida and Vivara island. The characteristic species that is enclosed by the borders of the MPA is an extraordinary Posidonia oceanica prairie, which surrounds the islands for tens of square kilometers, in particular Ischia (B and C zones). Its distribution strongly influenced the definition of the zoning of the MPA. The northern area and the western area, towards island of Ventotene, are the Mediterranean zones with the highest density of marine mammal species. The northward extension, known as “Cuma Canyon” about two miles wide, has the purpose of protection of the cetacean occur in the MPA, especially dolphins, whales and sperm whales that  usually frequent this sea section (D zone). The MPA, due to the presence of ecological relevances and other particularities of enormous interest, not only naturalistic, that are enclosed within its 11,256 Ha of surface, is the largest MPA in Campania and presents in its zoning two particularities compared to other Italian MPAs. The zoning of the MPA Regno di Nettuno, in fact, includes two protection zones in addition to the canonic zones: A (of integral protection), B (of general reserve) and C (of partial reserve); such as B n.t. “no take” zone (of special general reserve) and  D zone (protection of marine mammals).

The MPA realizes, in partnership with scientific institutes, Universities, associations and operators of the area, programs of monitoring and research in the areas of ecology of the marine biology and the underwater archeology aiming at fostering knowledge on the marine-coastal territory. Perform activities of Environmental Education in collaboration with environmental associations and schools and deals with the management and design of educational courses, the realization of: events, manifestations, conferences and seminars. Carries out various activities in collaboration and in favor of the local community, often in synergy with other authorities such as the Zoological Station Anthon Dorhn, University and the Coast Guard involving schools, local associations and citizens.The MPA manages a portal of Citizen Science (www.citizensciencerdn.org) through which, thanks to citizens' reports, it improves the management of the Area.         

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