Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Open Innovation in Science Center (LBG OIS Center)

Open Innovation in Science (OIS) studies and applies open and collaborative practices along the entire process of research, its dissemination and translation into innovation. The LBG OIS Center is established as a leading international hub to both implement and investigate Open Innovation in Science (OIS) practices in research.

The OIS research team studies and disseminates the role and value of Open Innovation principles and practices in science internationally and in different fields, critically investigating for instance the challenges it raises as well as the contingencies and antecedents necessary for its success.

The OIS implementation team develops and offers specific services supporting researchers and research organizations in applying Open Innovation principles and methods, in particular (but not limited to) in the Austrian research environment of transdisciplinary research around the topic of health.


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Training resources

Training programs to build ca…
March 1, 2022, 4:11 p.m.
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