Centre for Ecological Research

Our main mission is to conduct high-quality research on biodiversity and ecosystems, including aquatic and terrestrial life. Our centre is primarily dedicated to ecological research, but many of our studies are related to the impact of agriculture and forestry on biodiversity, traditional ecological knowledge or interdisciplinary topics.

We are working hard to integrate institutes and disciplines, as it is difficult to tackle complex environmental challenges in isolation. In addition to research, we are committed to building bridges between science and society, and thus are involved in EU and global policy development.

Ecology is a field of natural science that has significant societal relevance, as its questions and answers reflect on the major issues of our time, affecting the present and future of all of us, and requiring both high-quality scientific research and active societal engagement. Some of our research must involve the public, and we need to make science-based recommendations to decision-makers and economic stakeholders to protect the common good and nature. Our mission is to inform the general public, to develop ecological literacy and to communicate effectively with society, without which no real results can be achieved in tackling the ecological crisis.

The Centre consists of three Institutes: Institute of Evolution, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Institute of Aquatic Ecology.

29. Karolina út, 1113 Budapest, Hungary


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