Our association Senzorvzduchu aims to spread information about the possibility of measuring environmental data by citizens themselves. We are part of the global Sensor.Community, which has 13000+ sensors worldwide. We use sensors that you can build yourself and use to measure levels of Particulate Matter (PM), temperature, pressure, humidity, airborne noise. Information about the state of the air is displayed on a map. The data is stored and freely accessible for an unlimited period of time in an archive. Bidirectional connection to the API, creation of graphs and applications, setting up alerts for air condition deterioration and in community projects also history visualization is possible. Collaboration of the whole community is done on Github. We host collaborative sensor builds and exhibit at Makerfaire festivals across the country. In doing so, we support and build a community of citizens involved in measurement with these sensors. Currently there are 117 sensors involved in the Czech Republic. In 2022, we launched the Sensors to Schools initiative. In collaboration with Eurocities - Citimeasure, we have contributed to the development of the Guidelines for Competences for Digital Inclusion https://citimeasure.eu/inclusion-guidelines/#page=85. So far, 13 schools have joined the initiative. Also in 2022, we successfully implemented a campaign to measure NO2 levels for the first time for 12 consecutive months at 20 locations in Prague, CZ.

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