Open Food Facts

🔎🍊 Open Food Facts is the world's largest open food database, a kind of Wikipedia of food.

🔎🥗🌏 It is also a pioneer in food transparency, whose mission since 2012 is to enable consumers and producers to measure and change the impact of food on our health (Nutri-score) and on the planet (Eco-score) on a large scale.

🤳🥫 A mobile scanning app helps consumers find the best product (from among +2.9M products across 160 countries) according to their food preferences and environmental commitments, and encourages them to contribute to the growing food database. This app is completely free, ad-free and private✨.

This citizen project exists thanks to your donations, so don't hesitate to give to support this common good and advance food transparency around the globe ! 🙌🚀

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