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The University of Bologna is engaged from several years in the European effort to develop mitigation and adaptation strategies to the adverse impacts of climate change and air pollution.

From 2021, three research groups in the areas of atmospheric physics, sociology and economics have combined their expertise for a multidisciplinary collaboration in the I-CHANGE project. This ambitious European research and innovation action aims to give citizens a solid scientific basis for facing the effects of climate change by involving them in the research and development of practical tools. The core of this activity is the Living Lab: laboratory-communities where citizens, researchers and stakeholders co-develop tools and knowledge. Eight Living Labs in all Europe and beyond are engaged to raise awareness on the effects of climate change, co-implement citizen monitoring networks, elaborate sustainable lifestyle changes that can be adopted by individuals and householders.

The Bologna Living Lab focuses on air quality (pollution), energy efficiency of buildings and sustainable transport, while also adding the protection of biodiversity in the city. Activities will be based on the utilization of innovative meteorological monitoring systems, co-design and adoption of smart mobility tools, and co-creation of effective nature-based solutions.

They will be integrated in a European and international framework, fostering interactions with Living Labs in other countries.


Jan. 22, 2024, 10:26 a.m.

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