Estonian Fund for Nature

Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to nature conservation. Our mission is to preserve endangered species and their habitats, natural landscapes and natural associations typical of Estonia. We promote the sustainable use of natural resources, raise environmental awareness in the society and seek solutions for preserving a clean environment for future generations. We are a politically and economically independant non-governmental organization that provides society with the necessary expertise for nature conservation and helps unite the state and science institutions, businesses and active citizens in their efforts of protecting common natural resources. Our goals and management policies are stated in our Articles of Association. ELF follows the Code of ethics of Estonian nonprofit organisations. ELF was founded on February 1st, 1991 and became a Foundation in 1999. Through ELF’s initiatives, natural parks and wildlife preserves have been established and extensive inventories to map Estonia’s natural resources have been carried out. ELF’s logo represents the rare flying squirrel that lives in the hollows of old aspens.


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