DEN Institute

The Design Entrepreneurship Institute is a non-profit think tank, working at European level thanks to an extended network of collaborators. DEN main areas of activities are: suppo…

Canada Non-governmental

Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) is a research institute dedicated to improving the quality of science and quality of life for scientists, s…

Društvo Dinaricum
Slovenia Non-governmental

Society for conservation, research and sustainable development of the Dinaric Alps

Nordic Agency for Development and Ecology (NORDECO)
Denmark Non-governmental

Nordic Agency for Development and Ecology - NORDECO - is a civil society actor and social enterprise. We conduct research, build capacity, connect people, and support intervention…

Herpetological Society of Cyprus
Cyprus Non-governmental

The Herpetological Society of Cyprus (HSC) is a non-governmental organisation, based on the island of Cyprus, promoting the protection, conservation and education on Herpetofauna …

Wild Lab Projects
Norway Non-governmental

Wild Lab Projects is a nonprofit organization active around Tromsø and Senja (Northern Norway), dedicated to citizen science, regenerative tourism and nature conservat…

River Collective
Austria Non-governmental

The River Collective is a network of students, academics, researchers, conservationists and kayakers that have a passion for free-flowing rivers. They combine their resources and …

Source International Onlus
Italy Non-governmental

Source International is a non-governmental organization that works with communities dealing with environmental pollution and health problems principally caused by extractive indus…

Open Food Facts
France Non-governmental

🔎🍊 Open Food Facts is the world's largest open food database, a kind of Wikipedia of food. 🔎🥗🌏 It is also a pioneer in food transparency, whose mission since 2012 is to ena…

Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora
Slovenia Non-governmental

Center za kartografijo favne in flore (CKFF) is a non-profit institute founded in 1996. The main aim of the CKFF is to collect, organize and disseminate data and information abou…

Austria Non-governmental

We are a small but growing Ocean Conservation NGO (Nonprofit Organization) based in Austria that works at Sea. We are crossing the Mediterranean on a mission to&nbs…

Belgium Non-governmental

Scivil builds bridges for better citizen science. As the Flemish knowledge center for citizen science, Scivil is a catalyst and matchmaker, bringing together all parties and requi…

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