Italy Private sector

WeMake | fablab makerspace is an innovative company from Milan, founded in 2014, which provides services and training to the community in the fields of digital and traditional man…

School Beyond the Horizon
Thailand Private sector

School Beyond the Horizon is a two hours weekly programs about citizen science projects in Thailand. The group originated from a home school family with a passion in ecology and n…

Value for Health Colab
Portugal Private sector

Value for Health CoLAB (VOH.CoLAB) is a non-profit whose mission is to help people and organizations to measure the value of their health. Founder partners (Nova University of Lis…

Citizen Science Italia ETS
Italy Private sector

Citizen Science Italia is a national network of initiatives, experts, universities, research centres, scientific museums, associations and Italian public bodies, which aim to buil…

Pocket Science - Citizen Science apps and sensors
Netherlands Private sector

We specialize in creating and delivering cutting-edge citizen science products and campaigns, including apps, platforms, and sensors for a variety of devices. Our goal is to make …

Visual Data Webservices
Netherlands Private sector

Developer of a water quality monitor. Poseidon is a management system to monitor water quality in an aquarium, pond or other systems. Poseidon uses various sensors for this,…

Ideas for Change
Spain Private sector

IFC is a consultancy company working towards social innovation, citizen participation and regenerative futures. It's specialized in co-design strategies and innovati…

21c Consultancy
United Kingdom Private sector

21c is an SME with an established track record in designing, delivering and promoting successful ICT research and innovation initiatives that generate multi-stakeholder engagement…

Athens Technology Center
Greece Private sector

Founded in 1987, ATC is an Information Technology Company (SME) offering solutions and services targeting specific sectors incl. the Media, Banking and Retail Sectors, Utilities a…

Dimos Athinaion Epicheirisi Michanografisis (DAEM)
Greece Private sector

DAEM (City of Athens IT Company) is the oldest and most significant Local Government IT Company, as it has been operating since 1983, aimed at providing Cloud based multiplatform …

Belgium Private sector

Congestion, air pollution and traffic safety are all on the agenda when it comes to mobility issues. Measurements that register cars, trucks, buses, cyclists and pedestrians are n…

Netherlands Private sector

SODAQ is an IoT company that develops low power trackign and sensing devices.

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