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Mysnowmaps is a free web + app platform dedicated to outdoor snow explorers. Differently from other Portals focused exclusively on ski-resorts, Mysnowmaps displays snow information in a continuous and browsable way (people call it the “Maps of the snow”), providing an assessment of the natural snow cover according to local morphology and weather evolution. The snow maps are generated through a physically-based model that estimates snow evolution in proportion to the energy and mass balance of the snow pack. The input data are numerical weather predictions and in-situ snow measurements. Satellite data (Copernicus Sentinel 2) are currently processed to for a visual comparison against the snow covered area. The snow information are updated daily and they cover the whole Alps and Apennines.


The goal of the CSEOL poject is to enlarge the Mysnowmaps Community and engage the users in sharing data. The envisaged actions are: 1) improve the rewarding system for the users, through gamification and other form or incentives; 2) improve the accuracy of the snow maps, by revamping the assimilation of EO into the modeling architecture.

How to participate

Join Mysnowmaps to plan your snow excursion! You can monitor how much snow there is today and the +72h forecast, as well as the new snow fallen in the previous 72 hours. Add data about your excursion or measure the snow height using your smartphone; you will participate to the snow contest.

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