Orchids Conservation Program of Vitoria-Gasteiz


from 01/04/2013 until 31/12/2030

This program is based on the participation of the citizen in order to gather knowledge about the orchids of Vitoria-Gasteiz to develop more efficient biodiversity conservation policies. This is the first program included in our Citizen Science project (Net of Citizen Science of Vitoria-Gasteiz) created by the Environmental Research Center of Vitoria-Gasteiz city council and organized by Ataria (the Interpretation Centre of the Salburua wetlands). This project is based on the sampling work of volunteer citizens of different knowledge and origin. Each participant has a plot that has to be sampled three times in order to identify orchids´ species: first visit April 15-30, second visit May 15-30 and third visit June 15-30. Then, the results obtained in that samplings have to be uploaded to an online platform Natusfera. Finally, the results of all participants are analyzed by the expert coordinador to get an annual memory of the orchids of Vitoria-Gasteiz and receive conclusions about the conservation of the biodiversity.


The main objective of this program is to monitorize the orchid populations present on different habitats within the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz in order to obtain an indicator of the biodiversity. By involving the citizenship on data gathering, the project pursues raising the awareness and increasing its commitment on orchid conservation. There are also six specific aims: -Identifying the species that grow in Vitoria-Gasteiz municipality. -Creating a complete catalogue of the orchids that grow in each park or place of Vitoria-Gasteiz municipality. -Selecting plots based on the richness of species for long term monitorization of orchids distributed in several parks of the “Green Belt” or municipality area. -Doing sampling work to quantify the presence of orchids and thus, gain insights on population dynamics and conservation state. -Performing a phenological monitoring of the orchids populations to know its life cycle. -Identifying pollinators.

Needed equipment

-Land-receipt and land-handbook (in the web) -Pencil and rubber. -Handbooks for identification (for hiring in Ataria). -Photograph camera or a smartphone. -A pair of binoculars. -The protocol to upload the results to Natusfera (in the web).

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