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The Topotheque consists of two elements: the actual technical archive and the network of people who work with it. In order to make the archive usable for the Citizen Scientists, it is simply constructed. The input fields correspond to the Dublin Core, but do not set any limits for a further connotation. So that the photos or videos can be returned to their place of origin, it is possible to enter them in the map material together with the perspective. The fact that most Topotheques are published by the communities themselves and the Citizen Scientists work on a voluntary basis on behalf of the communities, makes them official digital exhibitions of community history. This ensures a high level of acceptance among the residents > The Topic-selection above does not provide our topic: History


Topotheque is a platform on which Citizen Scientists save historical material that is in private hands and make it accessible to everyone. Thanks to the simple operation, over 300 local archives have already been created, which manage over 700,000 digital copies. In this way, many memorabilia can be kept from disappearing and an extensive, searchable regional archive is created. As a social component of the Topotheque, the history of a place becomes a topic of conversation - whether from Topothekar to residents or at numerous events that are initiated as part of a Topotheque.

Needed equipment

To work in a Topotheque that already exists in a municipality you only need a computer and an internet connection. The access to the admin is provided by the Topothequers of the individual Topotheque. > For the chapter below: Funding: The Funding is by the municipalities running a Topotheque. The Topothequers as Citizen Scientists work as volunteers. In some Regions the Topotheque is part of larger historical projects. These projects are co financed by the European Union in LEADER Projects.

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