Walking on the Sea Traces

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from 20/05/2020

Our individual behaviors, lifestyles and daily choices have a great impact on the environment that surrounds us, but they can also influence environments that are far and apparently distant from us. This is the case of the SEA. The SEA, for those who live far from it, is something related only to holidays, dreams, and desires. In reality, the SEA is the place where all the waters that flow on land will, sooner or later, arrive, bringing with them solid materials (e.g. mud, sand, branches, trunks and waste) and liquids dissolved in the water, which they collected along their way. The SEA is the base of all continental waters and regulates their speed, erosion capacity or the possibility of downwards flow. It is also the main water reserve on the planet and regulates climate and weather. The SEA is a large, huge, reserve of food and raw materials, it is a workplace and a means of transport and, as we said, a source of leisure, dreams and inspiration.

We therefore invite you to participate in simple citizen science activities. By collecting data and responding to a series of questionnaires, you can provide us with a lot of data, thus helping to improve our knowledge on various behavioral aspects concerning the environment as well as on specific problems, challenges and opportunities that each of them offers.


During the current situation, the world of environmental research has also had to suspend all kinds of field activities. Particularly among those who study marine issues.

We have therefore thought of another way to collect data and information useful for our research by asking you to help us, with activities you can do at home, in the surrounding area or even by looking at the landscape outside your window.

The idea comes from the fact that many people have been forced to stay at home, connected more than usual online, and perhaps have a little more time on their hands.

We would also like to understand your perception and knowledge about environmental issues.

Finally, we would like to help you better understand the scientific and socio-economic context of the topics addressed.

Needed equipment

An internet connection to the website: https://sites.google.com/view/camminandosulletraccedelmare/home/english

Access to the online questionnaires

Pen and paper

Optional: photographic camera or mobile phone

Created June 22, 2021, 3:17 p.m.

Updated June 22, 2021, 3:17 p.m.

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