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Created Sept. 29, 2021, 4:20 p.m.
Updated June 3, 2022, 6:44 a.m.

Contribute to a citizen science project on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project is undertaken by a partnership between PPMI, UNDP SDG AI Lab, and a community of researchers led by Dr. Bautista-Puig.

OSDG project aims to classify science, technology, and public policy by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is composed by a free, fully open-source, and user-friendly tool that classifies text and publications into the different SDGs.

We have recently launched the OSDG community platform to improve the tool with the help of different stakeholders and make the process more inclusive and participatory. We intend to open the contribution to experts from academia, research centers, NGOs, companies, and the civil society at large. We want to have the largest and broadest possible consultation possible involving several thousand volunteers.


Our goal is to provide an automated and scaled solution that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders, changing the traditional research project to a more inclusive, open, and participatory one. We also want to expand the reach of the OSDG tool and services beyond the English-speaking world, finding what is the contribution in other languages. 

How to participate

The Platform is an ambitious attempt to bring together researchers, subject matter experts and SDG advocates from all around the world to create a large and accurate source of textual information on SDGs.

The Community volunteers use the Platform to participate in labelling exercises where they validate each text's relevance to SDGs based on their background knowledge.

In each exercise, the volunteer is shown a text together with an SDG label associated with it - this usually comes from the source - and asked to either accept or reject the suggested label.

There are three types of exercises: 

  1. All volunteers start with the mandatory introductory exercise to better understand the task.
  2. SDG-specific exercises where the volunteer validates texts with respect to a single SDG, e.g., SDG 1 No Poverty.
  3. All SDGs exercise where the volunteer validates a random sequence of texts where each text can have any SDG as its associated label.

Needed equipment

A computer with internet connection.

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