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IANUS Peacelab is a laboratory for citizen science peace research.
It is a laboratory because models, prototypes and applications are developed and tested in the cognitive space we provide to support.

It is a laboratory because citizens work together in a problem-oriented manner - without disciplinary separation of social science, natural science, humanities or engineering approaches. Make Peace, not War - peace must also be made and built, assembled and bolted together.
This is not just a question of arms control. Information and communication technologies, luxury goods and vaccines, raw materials and food can produce conflicts or be aligned with the ideal of peaceful coexistence.

IANUS Peacelab goes back to the tradition of the IANUS working group at the TU Darmstadt.
For its part, it is a prototype or demonstrator: the Philosophy of Science and Technoscience Department (Prof. Alfred Nordmann) is supporting the Peacelab to investigate how responsible, value-oriented research can be strengthened through civil society initiatives and citizen science engagement.
The IANUS-Verein für friedensorientierte Technikgestaltung e.V. supports the Peacelab and promotes the expansion of its activities.


Our question for all makers, educators, designers, citizen scientists and repairers out there is quite simple: How can we live together peacefully at all levels?
Technologies and social practices can promote or impede peaceful coexistence. We want to promote it and develop prototypes and models for it.
We want to analyze and understand how peaceful coexistence is made more difficult and show alternatives to it. No technology is without alternative.
Even in the details of supply chains and resources, of production and construction, of options for use and participation, there are alternatives in favor of peace-oriented technology development.

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