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from 15/09/2018

Students are involved to contribute to the collection of data on flora and fauna in urban and peripheral areas, making observations available to researchers (botanists, zoologists) through the versatile internet website

The students are also engaged with biodiversity in order to learn about and preserve urban nature.



This project is lead by the students of IIS "Da Vinci" high school and their sciences teachers as a schoolwork alternance (SWA) since 2018.

The main purpose of the project is to investigate urban biodiversity starting from the school garden and then extending the research to Civitanova Marche and nearby municipalities, collecting the observations in a database created by the students and sharing the observations with the researchers on the "iNaturalist" platform. 

So, the aims are both to collect observations, to study biodiversity and to involve citizens in a deepest knowledge of the natural life mainly in urban area. Furthermore, we are working to:

- plan some environmental interventions to preserve and increase the biological diversity of the school garden (i.e. planting autochthonous species, placing bird-nests and bat-boxes, etc.);

- realize a "self-guided path" to discover urban biodiversity in the school garden, also accessible to people with disabilities, to communicate and disseminate science.

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