from 27/04/2021 until 31/03/2025

Phase 1: Collection of questions.

In this phase anyone can submit a question or idea for a societal issue on the platform. Because every smart solution starts with a simple question. You can be inspired by the examples on the homepage, or by questions and ideas that have already been submitted by others. We also organize online sessions where we brainstorm about solutions within one of the four themes of amai!. Furthermore, we have developed a number of discussion format that will allow you to quickly come up with new ideas within your organization. 

Phase 2: Co-creation of the research questions

After collecting the questions and ideas on the platform, it is time to explore them further. We bring citizens, AI experts and experts on the 4 themes of amai! (environment & climate, mobility, health, work) together in a 'campfire session'. Around that campfire the questions and ideas are discussed in depth and transformed into concrete research questions. The campfire sessions are an ideal way for committed citizens and experts to get to know each other. 

Phase 3: open call for consortia

We will launch an open call for to which consortia can submit a proposal to tackle one of the research questions. Consortia can consist of AI SMEs, civil society organisations, social profit organisations, research groups, government institutions and/or citizens or civil associations. Four projects will be selected to receive funding. The selection will be done by an independent jury. The submitted proposals will be assessed on social impact of the solution, feasibility within the project term (one year), degree of citizen involvement in the project, connectiong with AI, durability of the solution

Phase 4: implementation of selected projects

The four selected projects will be developed from January 2022. Citizens will also be involved in this. Project proposals that were not selected are also not lost. We are happy to discuss other options for these ideas. In this way, these ideas may still be realized in a different way.



The project amai! wants to involve citizens in the development of artificial intelligence. Amai! does this by bringing citizens and AI experts together around 4 themes (climate & environment, mobility, health, work). In 4 phases, a smart AI solution is developed for each theme based on socially relevant questions gathered by citizen scientists. The development of that AI solution is always in consultation with citizens, AI experts and experts in the field. 

About funding

Funding bodies: Flemish government

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