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Public engagement - in all its forms and applications, including Citizen Science - has a strong structural, transformative power at various levels of research and innovation processes. It incorporates a variety of viewpoints into problem formulation and research questions - including gender perspectives - whilst taking into account moral or ethics societal concerns. 

TIME4CS aims at facilitating a way in which the scientific ecosystem could better take societal views into consideration by supporting Research Performing Organisations - i.e. research entities such as universities and research centres - in defining and implementing institutional changes that can lead to a better and more effective engagement of citizens in research and innovation. Those institutional changes inside RPOs will entail transformation of their governance systems by taking into account both the social - mindset of people inside the organisation – and the organisational - norms, protocols, procedures, policy - aspects of RPOs. To facilitate this process, TIME4CS has identified 4 Intervention Areas that alone or combined can stimulate the institutional changes necessary to promote public engagement in R&I activities: 

  1. Research; 

  2. Education and Awareness; 

  3. Support resources and Infrastructure; 

  4. Policy and Assessment.

For each Intervention Area, a set of Grounding Actions (GA) will be defined. The Grounding Actions are to be considered as seeds to be sown, paving the way to Institutional Changes within research institutions. TIME4CS builds on the close collaboration between Front-Runners - RPOs with a comprehensive expertise in Citizen Science and that have already undergone Institutional Changes and Implementers - beneficiaries still in the early stage of the institutional adoption and/or maintenance of Citizen Science in their organisations.


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To increase knowledge on the actions leading to Institutional Changes in Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) necessary to promote Public Engagement and Citizen Science in science and technology 

  • To support TIME4CS RPOs in the implementation of actions leading to Institutional Changes through continuous mutual learning and knowledge transfer programme.

  • To build a dynamic and inclusive Citizen Science stakeholder community

  • To increase the awareness of the need for a sustainable and flexible organization of RPOs governance system to better respond to the evolving relationship between science and society.

How to participate

This project investigates how to promote actions leading to Institutional Changes in Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) necessary to promote Public Engagement and Citizen Science in science and technology. The citizen can participate in the co-creative events organized by the project implementers.

Active from 01/01/2021 until 31/12/2023
Citizen Science
Science Topics
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