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from 01/10/2021 until 30/06/2022

#ServetV is a citizen science project to democratise access to space. It is a community of enthusiasts of astronautics, space travel and everything at more than 12,000 metres above sea level. Over the past few weeks they have been proposing, designing and manufacturing their capsules and experiments, which will be launched in balloons until they reach the stratosphere.

During this journey, each capsule will take the data for which it has been designed - temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation... - and transmit them via Lora-TTN technology. In addition, the balloons are equipped with tracking and video recording devices that will be used to track the route taken by each balloon and its position on its return to Earth, once it explodes and its components fall back down.


Servet is a citizens' project that aims to democratise access to space.

Three balloons will head for the stratosphere and return to Earth after having collected a multitude of scientific data on their journey to 36,000 metres above sea level. But the uniqueness of the Servet project, now in its fifth year, is that it is open to the public, who design the capsules, participate in the launch and have the opportunity to enjoy the highly visual results: images of our planet seen from kilometres away, in an initiative that democratises access to space.

Needed equipment

The project organization provides all logistical aspects (balloons, helium, insurance, etc.) related to the launch.

Participants design and assemble their own capsules with the scientific experiments.

About funding

Funding bodies: Fecyt-Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

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