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The places where you can enjoy trully dark skies are disappearing due to light pollution. The Spanish Astronomy Society (SEA) promotes a common effort between amateurs and professionals to motivate society to care for the quality of the night sky.



This project pretend to locate places where to observe the night sky and characterize them by gathering pictures and some information about the place as well as measuring the sky brightess in every direction. 


How to participate

We need you to measure during a night with no clouds nor moon.

Then, in addition to the zenith measurement of sky brightness, we will need you to measure at 20, 40, 60 and 80 degree heights above the horizon as well as twelve azimuths spaced 30 degrees starting from the south and continuing west (S, W, N, E, S).

The info should be included in a txt as the following one:

We will also need you to fill in the form that you will find below with information about the observation site that you want us to include:

More info:


Needed equipment

If you want us to include your favorite observation sites, you will neeed an SQM or TESS photometer. To take the measurements properly it is very important to make sure that the aiming is correct, so it will be necessary to install the photometer on a photographic tripod.

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