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WikiTopia Archives is a program for digitization, transcription and study of archaeological sources run by the association ArkeoTopia, an alternative approach to archaeology. Launched in March 2018, with a first corpus of letters from the 19th century, the program is aimed at individuals interested in archaeology and at archaeologists, both students and researchers. Its objective is to encourage them to digitize and then publish their historical sources on Wikimedia via the Open Source tools. In this way, the various documents will be accessible to the greatest number of people all over the world and research on them will be encouraged.


Thanks to corpus of 200 letters wrote and received by Anatole de Barthélémy (1820-1904), archaeologist and high official, we will be able to contribute to a better knowledge on the history and role of archaeology as well as on the daily socio-economic life during the 19th in France.

The project will serve also to promote Wikimedia projects as scientific tools and a door to facilitate data diffusion, citizen science and research valorization.

How to participate

To participate, you must join ArkéoTopia and sign a volunteer agreement in order to respect the confidentiality of personal data. Indeed, you will be in contact with individuals whose personal data are accessible on our Slack space to facilitate exchanges on the project and the ArkeoTopia research in general.

Before joining, contact us in order to discuss about which task do you want to pursue:

  • Identification: observation of archives to check if who, when and where are correct for each letter and finding the good ones
  • Data entry, step 2: generating pdfs from images
  • Data entry, step 3: uploading pdf files from a Google folder into Wikimedia Commons thanks to a documented procedure and video help with documentation into a Google Sheet
  • Data entry, step 3: uploading Commons files to WikiSource page thanks to a documented procedure with documentation into a Google Sheet
  • Transcription: transcribing from photo to text letters from old french to current french
  • Revision: revising transcriptions
  • Organization: organizing Wikimedia Commons and WikiSource category and pages
  • Video recording: creating video to help to understand each procedure
  • Procedure creation for classification and tagging letters for each step

Needed equipment

computer - internect connection - Slack and Discord account

About funding

Funding bodies: ArkéoTopia

About branding

Profile image design by: CC0 - Transcription d'une lettre lors d'une séance WikiTopia Archives

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