The Notice Board - Anslagstavlan


from 01/09/2016 until 30/09/2016

What is the function of the physical notice board in the digital age? Who is saying what? And why? These are examples of questions that researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Örebro University and Stockholm University wanted to explore in the citizen science initiative The Notice Board.

During September 2016, pupils in Swedish schools were tasked with photographing and documenting the contents of notices boards in their neighbourhoods, sending the data to researchers via a special app. Pupils were also asked to translate any notices not written in Swedish, as one of the research questions was to investigate how different languages are used on notice boards.

The mass experiment was coordinated by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) as part of ForskarFredag – the Swedish events during the annual science festival European Researchers’ Night.


To study what kind of content is being posted on analogue notice boards around Sweden.

Needed equipment

Mobile phone or Tablet with a camera.

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