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Create a "Citizen Science" organization (based in Europe - currently France and Belgium) whose goal is to develop methods, tools, techniques, equipment relating to the measurement of anomalies of the Earth's magnetic field (human activity, volcanology, earthquakes, etc.) and to use them in the field .

The readings will be made either with smartphone applications or with low-cost diy magnetometers.


The data will be communicated to the scientific authorities supporting this project and will be used by the group to create practical knowledge of geomagnetism with three objectives:

  1. to transmit this data to the scientific authorities which support the project
  2. to use these data to build local knowledge of geomagnetism (local geomagnetic maps, characteristics of observed anomalies, etc.) in order to motivate the population for scientific research in general and geomagnetism in particular.
  3. to disseminate this knowledge within schools to promote the fundamentals and methods of Science, and to involve them.

How to participate

A level (at least) of participation is required among the following:

  • in the field: measurement readings of the earth's magnetic field with a smartphone or available equipment
  • at home: extraction, analysis, interpretation and documentation (publication) of data
  • in public: communications, training

Needed equipment

Most of the measurements will be done with a smartphone associated with an application, for example: Sensor Logger, Physics Toolbox, Crowdmag,...

Finer measurements will be made with a differential fluxgate magnetometer (gradiometer) (available) and equipment based on electronic components (Hall effect, MR)(diy under development)

Active from 25/01/2023
Science Topics
Climate & Weather Geology & Earth science Ocean, Water, Marine & Terrestrial
Difficulty Level
Participation tasks
Data analysis Data Entry Geolocation Measurement Observation

Jusqu'ici, en France (Provence) et en Belgique (Ardennes) (campagnes, forêts, villes).

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