Digitale Polarisatie

Created Feb. 4, 2023, 9:18 a.m.
Updated Feb. 4, 2023, 9:36 a.m.

There is an increasing division within our society around social issues. We want to investigate the role of search engines, such as Google, in this division. That is why the Department of Communication Science at the University of Twente has launched a study on digital polarisation in our society through a citizen science project. For this, we need your help! By activating an extension on your computer, we can compare search results on social themes. The more people participate, the better we can understand search engines together. All the results will be shared with the participants. Please join us by installing the extension, which is completely safe and anonymous.


Topics such as vaccinations, climate change and nitrogen seem to be increasingly polarising Dutch society. Providing information through personalised search engines might play an important role in this. Our goal is to research the influence of search engines and other digital platforms on our society.


How to participate

You can easily participate by adding the browser extension to Chrome, FireFox or Edge. If you go to, then:

1. Select your browser

To start the installation, scroll down and click on your browser.

2 Add the extension to your browser

Once you are in your browser's installation environment, add the extension to your browser.

3. Installation complete 

Once the installation is complete, the extension will run commands once a day in your browser. This will open a separate screen in the background.

Needed equipment

To participate with the project you only need a laptop or computer with a browser installed (Chrome, FireFox or Edge).

Active from 01/01/2023 until 01/09/2023
Science Topics
Information & Computing sciences Social sciences
Participate from home Do-it-yourself
Difficulty Level
Participation tasks
Download software for distributed computing


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