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In the climate emergency era, individuals and communities are looking for collective responses to tackle human-induced environmental degradation and disaster. The quest for more and quality participation of the public in scientific research for environmental purposes has led to the increase of citizen science projects where people are encouraged to monitor the effects of climate change in their territory.

Despite the growing numbers of citizen science actions, there are still social groups that are underrepresented in the field. The Citizen Science For All (CitSci4All) project brings to the fore the participation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in citizen science.


The CitSci4All project envisions citizen science as a means for social and environmental justice with an immediate impact on people’s living conditions. For this reason, it centers on the inclusion and active participation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) community in matters of climate change, as a means of exercising their right to equal participation in societal life.

To achieve its goal, the project will develop innovative accessible methodologies for DHH trainers and adults that facilitate their active involvement in citizen science programs for climate change.

The CitSci4All Project will offer the following recourses:

  1. A Guide on DHH Populations’ Engagement in Citizen Science for Climate Change
  2. A Customized Citizen Science Toolkit for DHH Trainers.
  3. A Comprehensive Report on Citizen Science Project Implementations by DHH Adults for Climate Change.
  4. A Reflective Report: ‘The Way Ahead to Open Roads: A Report on the Lessons Learnt and Gained Through the Inclusion of DHH Adults & Trainers in CS Projects for Climate Change’.

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