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The electronic collection of letters is being created at the Research Centre for the Humanities as part of the programme group Historical Interpretations of the 20th Century (P6-0347) and the project Transformations of Intimacy in the Literary Discourse of Slovenian Modernism (J6-3134) as a participatory project, as volunteers are involved in transcribing the letters.


The primary aim of the project is to inform the general public about the cultural heritage of letters and create a virtual research environment for researchers.

The first objective is to enable citizens to become familiar with the cultural heritage related to topics close to ordinary people (letters can be searched by topics). In this way, citizens can better understand various processes of social history. By studying, transcribing and editing letters, they can delve into the past and make parallels with events in their own lives.

The second goal is to improve the digital literacy of citizens. By copying and editing letters and inserting them into an electronic collection, citizens are introduced to the virtual environment in which cultural heritage is preserved. To achieve this objective, workshops are organised to familiarise citizens with the structure of the PISMA electronic database.

The third goal is to draw attention to the richness of the expression of emotions and thoughts in old letters, which is disappearing in the present. With a carefully planned communication of the events and achievements of the project in public institutions, media and social networks, we spread awareness of the importance of letters as an important source for understanding the past and the present.

Needed equipment

Personal computer

About funding

Funding bodies: Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency

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