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The LIFE ARTEMIS project is a notable initiative aimed at mitigating the negative effects of invasive non-native species on biodiversity. The project has a dual focus: enhancing public awareness about invasive species and establishing an efficient early warning and rapid response system to detect the presence of invasive non-native species in forest areas.

A significant aspect of the project is the Invasives web application. This tool, which comprises desktop, web, and mobile applications, is a component of a broader public electronic information system that collects data on invasive alien species (IAS) in Slovenia. The Invasives application integrates various pre-existing information systems that have been gathering data on IAS in the country.

The combined use of these applications allows the capture, recording, and processing of data related to the identification and tracking of invasive species. This information, in turn, enables researchers and environmental managers to quickly respond to new invasions, thus improving the effectiveness of control and eradication efforts. Ultimately, these measures contribute to the preservation of native ecosystems and biodiversity in Slovenia.


The goal of the project LIFE ARTEMIS is to contribute to the reduction of the harmful impacts of invasive alien species on biodiversity by increasing public awareness and by setting up an efficient early warning and rapid response framework for invasive alien species in forests.

Needed equipment

Mobile application “Invazivke”:

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission

Ministery of the republic of Slovenia of Environment and Spatial planning

Municipality of Ljubljana

Agency of research Slovenia

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