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RadoNorm-SLO is one of the seven funded RadoNorm citizen science projects which is conducted in Slovenia. 


The objective of RadoNorm-SLO is to assess how active participation in a radon monitoring campaign could change participants’ behavior and increase mitigation rates. Hence, the project will examine the relationship between radon awareness, outcomes of measurements, and mitigation of homes in the Bela krajina region in Slovenia (municipalities of Črnomelj, Metlika, and Semič). To achieve this aim, about fifty citizens will be recruited through a local Adult Education Centre, Zavod za izobraževanje in kulturo Črnomelj, ZIK Črnomelj (where citizens are taking different education courses), to co-create research activities and conduct indoor radon measurements in their homes. These citizens will also receive information on radon, related risks and mitigation. The data generated from radon measurements will be presented on a regional map.

How to participate

Answering questionnaires, conducting radon measurements at home, analysing measurements. 

The project kick-started in October 2023 with an introductory workshop at ZIK, where citizens’ interests and concerns will be identified and transformed into research questions. Other purposes of the workshop include: getting to know citizens’ background on radon and motivating them to take part in the project. Advertisements on the ZIK website, social media platforms and in the local media will also be used to attract citizen scientists. Citizen scientists will answer questionnaires regarding their living conditions, habits (e.g., where they spend most of their time, if they ventilate), and radon risk perception at the start and end of the project. They will also conduct radon measurements in their homes with passive solid-state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs), and active continuous devices. In case of high radon values, they will analyse their living habits. They will also analyse their indoor air quality and ventilation efficiency through CO2, PM2.5 and PM-10 measurements.

In the course of the project, the team will organise two lectures: The first will include a free discussion on the health aspects of radon and local family physicians will be invited to this event. The second will be an online lecture on mitigation strategies. Citizen scientists will also take part in mitigation field courses where they will have a chance to discuss and learn radon mitigation principles with an experienced radon mitigation expert.

Needed equipment

Passive solid-state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs), and active continuous devices

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission



Active from 22/09/2023 until 03/05/2024
Indoor Air Pollutant Indoor Air Quality Radonorm Exposure Radiation Radon
Science Topics
Ecology & Environment Education Social sciences
Participate from home Teaching materials available Do-it-yourself
Difficulty Level
Participation tasks
Data analysis Data Entry Learning Measurement
Other Organisations involved

Bela krajina region in Slovenia (municipalities of Črnomelj, Metlika, and Semič)

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