Transform for European Research & Innovation (T4ERI)


until 31/10/2027

T4ERI project is the part of T4EU Universities' Alliance (see many initiatives and undertakings. The project, inter alia, develops a joint strategy for the Alliance with the focus mission of digital and environmental transformation for smart, sustainable and inclusive regions, a joint agenda for research and innovation, a joint strategy for attracting and retaining outstanding researchers, and a joint strategy to open science to all members of the T4EU ecosystem and general society. Also the project increases collaboration in research and innovation across all disciplines, enables joint access to key research infrastructure across the alliance, targets joint action plans to launch one or more major joint research centres relating to its focus mission, to attract and retain excellent junior and established researchers, and to foster engagement and involvement of civil society in research and innovation.

The network of partners & stakeholders, developed in T4ERI project, plans to implement citizen science researches in several topics in environmental & natural sciences and social sciences by using several approaces to the involvement of non-professional scientists. Concerning environmental and natural sciences topics (as Biodiversity Conservation and BioeconomyGreen Transition and Sustainability or Sustainable Built Environment), mainstream approaches to the involvement of citizens are planned, i.e. in the form of involvement of citizens in data-generation processes. Concerning social sciences related topics (as Borders and Migration in XX-XXI Centuries or Sustainable and Transformative Heritage), expectations are to step into the territory of the extreme citizen science by involving students (and, possibly, other non-professional scientists) of the Alliance universities in the processes of development of the ideas & methodologies of the respective researches besides involvement in data-generation processes.



The structure of the T4ERI project is organised around three pillars (WP's): (1) Collaboration in Research and Innovation, (2) Best Careers for the Brightest Minds and (3) Science4All.  The latter pillar, inter alia, aims at developing the joint strategy for Public Engagement in Research & Innovation and specifically focuses on citizen science activities by aiming at creating and harnessing the corresponging T4EU network of partners & stakeholders.

The T4EU public engagement & citizen science network of partners & stakeholders plans to develop citizen science researches in these fields/topics of research & innovation: (1) Biodiversity Conservation and Bioeconomy, (2) Borders and Migration in XX-XXI Centuries, (3) Digitalisation and Social Transformation, (4) Green Transition and Sustainability, (5) Health Care and Promotion, (6) Sustainable and Transformative Heritage, and (7) Sustainable Built Environment.

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Funding bodies: European Commission

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