The Kid's Trial


from 11/03/2024 until 31/12/2024

The Kid’s Trial is an online project created with kids for kids to learn about how we do health research.​

We are inviting children worldwide who can communicate in English (aged 7-12 yrs) and have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone to join The Kid’s Trial.

The Kid’s Trial is super easy to join, and children can do it from home.

The project will introduce and immerse children in the steps of a randomised trial that they co-create with the research team.

The Kid’s Trial invites children to submit fun, low-risk health questions they believe the trial should investigate. They will then vote for their favourite questions. Once the question is chosen, participants will come up with a plan to answer it. They will then be assigned to either the ‘try-it-out’ intervention group or the ‘wait-and-see’ control group. They will then decide how to share their results with a global audience of children and adults.

Each step is easy to join, and children can join in as few or as many steps as they like! The website walks children and parents through each step using fun animations and kid-approved language!  

We want to reach and involve as many children from as many places as possible, and we can't wait to see what the kids create!



About funding

Funding bodies: Health Research Board-Trials Methodology Research Network

School of Nursing and Midwifery College of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences University of Galway

About branding

Logo design by: The Kid's Trial Children's Research Advisory Group Members

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