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Farfalle in ToUr is a project born in Turin (Italy) in 2014 from the collaboration between Local Health Company (LHC), Mental Health Centres and University of Turin (Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology). Users of “La Rondine” e “Il Margine” social cooperatives are the protagonists of the project. Supported by university researchers, people affected by mental or physical diseases carry out all the project activities, creating and taking care of pollinator gardens, observing and recording butterflies, managing a website, breeding caterpillars, taking part in public events and educational activities in schools. Thanks to the growing involvement of citizens, Farfalle in ToUr has also received the support of the European project proGIreg (https://progireg.eu/), which deals with the creation of urban green infrastructures for the regeneration of post-industrial areas.


The objective of the project is to promote the presence of butterflies in the city of Turin. The project aims to create a network of green areas which, with proper management and with the presence of suitable plants (foodplants and nectar sources) for the life cycle, allows butterflies to cross the urban area, otherwise seen by these insects as a wall. The scientific aim of the project is accompanied by the social purpose, the involvement of fragile people with mental or physical diasbilities, against isolation and social stigma.

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