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United States of America Ecology & Environment Long-term species monitoring ... timelapse photo

Chronolog is an environmental photo monitoring project. Change in the environment happens gradually, so you can help tell the story by uploading a photo to chronolog. Chronolog creates time lapses …

image for Advancing work on Public Participation in Scientific Research (PPSR)

Advancing work on Public Participation in Scientific Research (PPSR)

United States of America Infrastructure Citizen Science

The PPSR project forms part of the work conducted by the Data and Metadata Working Group of the Citizen Science Association (CSA). The project's goals are to advance mapping of …

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FoldIt:Quarantine Edition

Biology Chemical sciences ... Biochemistry Protein-folding ...

Foldit is an online puzzle video game about protein folding. It is part of an experimental research project developed by the University of Washington, Center for Game Science, in collaboration …

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