ECSA Conference 2020

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In September 2020, the third ECSA Conference Encounters in Citizen Science was held virtually from Trieste (Italy), making it the first online ECSA conference. While this presented some challenges in terms of logistics and the loss of face-to-face networking, it also created opportunities. Notably, more people were able to get involved, including those from outside of Europe and those who may not have been able to attend an onsite conference. This conference aimed to bring together the citizen science community - citizen scientists and practitioners, researchers and policymakers - to share the latest knowledge and ideas from the field.

Spread across five days, the online conference saw 507 participants involved in 30 sessions, 64 posters, three keynote speeches, three side events, numerous Zoom chats and hundreds of tweets. You can find a report with short summaries of all the main activities and the complete Conference programme in the links below.

ECSA 2020 conference report

Conference Programme

Youtube playlist with all the recordings of the ECSA Conference 2020

The playlist includes the Conference opening and closing, keynote speeches, recordings of the sessions and recordings of the poster sessions.

Page with all ECSA conferences here.

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Authors: M Mazzonetto; ECSA; T Woods; D Riemenschneider; M Gold;
Year of publication: 2020

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