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X-Polli:Nation is a Citizen Science project on pollinating insects, developed by OPAL (led by Imperial College, London), in collaboration with several UK partners and the Maremma Natural History Museum in Italy. 

This resource includes the links to view and/or download the material (in Italian language) useful to join the project and learn something more about pollinators and their habitats. In particular you can find:

  • Videos about pollination and pollinating insects, to understand their importance and role. You can also discover the pollinators biodiversity and the relations between plants and pollinators. Watch the videos here and here.     
  • Information material about the more attractive plant species for pollinators. In this way, you can recognize the most suitable habitats for pollinators. Download the PDF here.
  • Information material about field activities to improve your Citizen Scientist skills and collaborate with scientists in the best way. Download the PDFs here and here
  • Data collection form (downloadable here).
  • Bumblebee identification training tool, to train your observer skills and to improve the quality data collected, accessible here.
  • Butterfly identification training tool (in English), to improve your knowledge on the pollinators biodiversity, accessible here.
  • Let’s time to play and learn! Quiz to test your knowledge.

More details about the project here.

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Organisation(s): Maremma Natural History Museum
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