The future of citizen science: sharing experiences from the European community

Created Feb. 1, 2022, 2:59 p.m.
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In November 2021, the EU-Citizen.Science project and the ACTION project co-organised “The future of citizen science: sharing experiences from the European community”, that aimed at sharing experiences and stimulating debates about the role citizen science can play in supporting a sustainable, just and green Europe. Over two days a great variety of speakers shared their ideas on and experiences with citizen science. The event was divided into four different sessions and moderated by Stickydot.

In the first session, representatives of both projects introduced their projects and presented training resources and materials on citizen science. There was also a roundtable on how their legacy can be sustained long-term. 

The second session focused on sharing successful stories on how citizen science can tackle societal issues such as climate change, the transition towards carbon-neutral cities, spreading of scientific culture and empowering communities. 

In the third session, representatives of the EU-Citizen.Science project and the ACTION project talked about the assessment of the impact of citizen science projects and initiatives. Then, representatives from 7 European countries shared their experience on being part of the EU-Citizen.Science project. This session ended with a fishbowl, where invited speakers talked about the future of citizen science.

The last session was a satellite high-level policy event, which addressed the interaction between citizen science and policy. 

You can also watch short teasers that state the main points of each session:

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