Blueprint for #CitSciComm with and for science journalists

Created July 31, 2023, 2:16 p.m.
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NEWSERA is a European project in which the main goal was to analyse and evaluate the complexities of science communication in citizen science (CS).

NEWSERA Blueprints for citizen science communication (#citscicomm) with and for quadruple helix stakeholders (citizens and society at large, academic scientists, public sector and policymakers, industry and SMES) and science and data journalists is an instrument that can serve a general audience, including those who are planning to start a citizen science (CS) project, those who want to improve and/or rethink their communication strategies in order to increase specific target audiences, or those who want to enlarge their scope of action by involving the different actors of the quadruple helix model and the media.

The road for CS projects establishment and sustainability is long and there are many barriers to be faced. In a series of five blueprints, NEWSERA brings the learnings of this co-created process together with our pilots, invited stakeholders and science communication experts that was complemented with mentoring, capacity building and networking sessions, generating knowledge, recommendations and useful resources. 

In this blueprint, dedicated to science and data journalists as target stakeholder, you will find, more in depth, the importance to address this stakeholder, good practices on the co-design of targeted communication plans, elements of co-design, mutual benefits of CS project-stakeholder, and indicators. Furthermore, a description and details of messages, innovative tools, channels and specific case-studies from the NEWSERA Pilots are included. Finally, we shared a series of recommendations to efficiently engage with quadruple helix stakeholders and science and data journalists for wider impact and ensure replicability of the NEWSERA findings and science communication strategies in citizen science projects and beyond.

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Authors: Maite Pelacho; Elisabetta Tola; Joana Magalhaes; Blanca Guasch; Cristina Luis; Ines Navalhas; Esther Marin Gonzalez; Leire Leguina; Maria Angela Citarella; Paolo Giardullo; Rosa Arias;
Year of publication: 2023
License: CC-BY

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