Green Paper Citizen Science Strategy 2020 for Germany

Created Oct. 26, 2021, 12:21 a.m.
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This Green Paper Citizen Science Strategy 2020 for Germany presents the under-standing, the requirements and the potential of Citizen Science in Germany. It re-fl ects on the multiple benefi ts of Citizen Science for diff erent sectors of society and on options and opportunities to develop the methodology and approach. In order to real-ise this potential, the Green Paper develops 10 potential fields of action to strengthen Citizen Science in Germany and to build capacities for the successful implementation of Citizen Science programmes. This Green Paper presents the aims, potential value and challenges of Citizen Science in Germany and lays out recommendations for developing a national strategy for engaging citizens in science. Citi-zen Science describes the process of generating knowledge through various participatory formats. Participation can range from the short-term collection of data to the intensive use of leisure time to delve deeper into a research topic together with scientists and/or other volunteers, to ask questions, and to get involved in some or all phases of the research process.

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Authors: Fermin Serrano; A. Bonn; A. Richter; K. Vohland; L. Pettibone; M. Brandt; R. Feldmann; C. Goebel; C. Grefe; S. Hecker; L. Hennen; H. Hofer; S. Klotz; T.Kluttig; J. Krause; K.Küsel; C.Liedtke; A.Mahla; V.Neumeier; M.Premke-Kraus; O.Röller; L.Schaffler; B.Schmalzbauer; U.Scheindewind; U.Schumann; J.Settele; K.Tochtermann; K.Tockner; J.Vogel; W.Volkmann; S.Kiefer; M.C.Rillig; H.Von Unger; D.Walter; M.Weisskopf; C.Wirth; T.Witt; D.Wolst; D.Ziegler;
Year of publication: 2016
License: CC-BY-SA
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