Citizen science - in researching biodiversity

Created Oct. 26, 2021, 12:21 a.m.
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"Citizen science is a relatively new way of knowledge co-creation, where professional scientists and enthusiastic citizens collaboratively search for answers. While it certainly presents challenges, it also provides a great opportunity for both parties to engage science and nature together, and ultimately, can result in transformative societal changes. This video showcases the different levels of participation available, and the advantages of, citizen science by illustrating it with a compelling and intimate visual journey through the seas to the backyard. While this video focuses on citizen science used in biodiversity research, citizen science itself, and the different layers presented here are also applicable to other kinds of scientific ventures."

Publish information

Authors: Bori Mészáros; Hanna Carlson;
Publisher:ALTER-Net, Europe’s ecosystem research network of excellence, within its AHIA program
Year of publication: 2016
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